Prenatal Care
Whether it’s your first pregnancy, your last, or somewhere in between, bringing a new life into the world is an exciting and beautiful journey.
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Below you will find a guide on how often you will have prenatal visits and a basic outline of what you can expect during your visits and pregnancy. Keep in mind this schedule may be modified to meet your unique needs throughout the pregnancy.


  • We monitor your urine, weight and blood pressure
  • We listen to the baby’s heartbeat with an external fetal Doppler (after 12 weeks of pregnancy)
  • We want you to let us know about any concerning symptoms including cramping/contractions, bleeding, leaking of fluid, and decreased fetal movement

FIRST TRIMESTER (0 - 13 Weeks)

  • You will have 1-2 visits
  • At your I SO visit, you’ll have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, a physical exam, and

infection testing for gonorrhea/chlamydia with pap smear if needed

  • We will discuss genetic screening test options
  • 1St trimester: nuchal translucency and/or cell free DNA testing and/or carrier screening
  • 2nd trimester: quad screen
  • Around 12 — 13 weeks, you will have routine prenatal bloodwork to test for anemia, blood type, HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Rubella immunity, and thyroid function. Genetic screening can also be done at that time.
  • You will receive information about diet, exercise, and safe medications during pregnancy

SECOND TRIMESTER (13 - 28 Weeks)

  • You will have appointments every 4 weeks
  • You will receive a referral to go to a radiology center for a detailed ultrasound to evaluate the baby’s anatomy. If you desire, you may find out the gender of the baby during this ultrasound
  • Between 26 — 28 weeks, you will have lab work to screen for gestational diabetes and anemia

THIRD TRIMESTER (28 — 40+ Weeks)

  • You will have appointments every 2-3 weeks until 35 weeks, then you will be seen weekly
  • You will be asked to start considering (if you haven’t already) pediatricians, cord blood banking options, an Inova Fairfax Hospital tour, pre-registering for the hospital online, childbirth/newborn care classes, epidural vs. unmedicated childbirth
  • You will be recommended to have the Tdap vaccine
  • You will be screened for a common bacteria called Group B Strep (GBS)
  • You may be offered cervical exams at 35+ weeks
  • If your pregnancy continues beyond your estimated due date (ie, 40 weeks), we will discuss inducing labor

Remember: it is OK to work until the baby arrives unless you hav'e been told otherwise

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