Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment at this office?

Please call our office number, 202-331-9293 to schedule an appointment. If you are an existing patient, you can also make appointments via the patient portal.

Where can I find information about my bill or about if I owe anything?

We want to make the billing and payment process as simple as possible for you to understand and navigate. For more information about our services and billing process, please call 202-331-9293 and press option 3 then option 5 for our billing department.

Is there parking available at your office?

Yes, there is a parking garage located at 2120 L St. NW However, we do not validate parking.

What is your new patient procedure?

New patients are treated very similarly to our established patients. Check-in might take a bit longer so we can verify you in our system, and you'll have new patient paperwork to fill out as well.

How much will my visit cost?

Each patient is different, and it depends on your insurance plan if you have one. Call your insurance provider for more information on what you may owe for certain services and/or your copayment.

What hospitals do Capital Women's Care D.C. providers deliver at?

Our providers are on-call and deliver at Sibley Memorial Hospital. The website for this hospital is

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards

What happens if I am running late?

Please contact our office at the first indication that you may be running late. We will make every effort to work with you-- however, please be advised that you may be asked to reschedule.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You will be asked for your insurance card, driver’s license and co-pay. Failure to do so may result in your appointment being rescheduled. If you are new to the practice, please bring your completed paperwork downloaded from our website (visit the Patient Forms tab on our website) and any office notes or test results from your referring physician. If you are unable to download paperwork, that is okay. You will fill them out in the office, just make sure to get here 15 minutes before your appointment to allow yourself enough time to finish the paperwork.

How long does it take to schedule an annual exam?

This varies. If there is a recent cancellation, you may be able to be seen within a few days. Typically it takes one to three months to schedule a well-woman (annual) visit with the provider of your choice.

I have forgotten my patient portal log in information, how can I retrieve it?

If you are in the office, we can help you directly. If not, go to and click on "don't remember your user name or password". Enter your email address and your user name will be emailed to you. You can also visit our Patient Portal tab here on our website and find FAQs specific for the Patient Portal.

How many providers are there in this office?

At Capital Women's Care D.C., we have 12 highly qualified medical providers.

Does CWC have a policy on medical record releasing?

Federal and State law requires the patient's signature, or that of an authorized personal representative, to release or transfer medical records. The patient records are defined as all records that relate to the health of the patient and are prepared by or under supervision of a health care provider associated with Capital Women's Care. We maintain the patient's rights that all medical records are kept confidential according to all federal and state laws. Please note that in some cases, a fee will be charged for medical record copies. The medical record department will be happy to provide you information about fees, expected turnaround times and other information related to your request. Patients that provide records from another physician, outside of CWC, are encouraged to retain their own copy as Capital Women's Care cannot provide a copy. Please visit the Forms page on our website to download the proper forms.

What is your prescription refill policy?

Prescription refills will be processed only for established patients who have been seen within the past 12 months. Your physician will review your chart and the refill will be called in directly to your pharmacy, within 48 business hours of receipt. If your physician feels an office visit is necessary before a refill can be given, you will be notified by phone. One additional month of refill birth control pills can be called in for established patients. This will allow time to schedule an annual visit.

How long will my visit at your office be?

This varies, but you can expect to be here anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. This is due to possible shifting of patient needs while they are in their appointments with the doctor. Obstetrics and gynecology often involves emergency procedures, surgical delays, and deliveries. We ask that you bear this in mind when you come for your visit, because our providers want to take care of all of our patients in the best way they can.

Do you provide second opinions at Capital Women's Care?

Yes, our team of providers is happy to offer second opinions.

What is a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) who has additional education and training in a specialty area, such as family practice or OBGYN. Nurse practitioners (also referred to as advanced practice nurses, or APNs) have a master's degree in nursing (MS or MSN) and board certification in their specialty. They are able to treat illnesses and write prescriptions without a physician present.

Is my co-pay due at the time of my visit?

Your health insurance contract requires that you be responsible for payment of co-pay fees at the time of the visit. Please bring a form of payment with you for each of your visits.

What if I am uninsured?

If you are uninsured, we will still be able to treat you. There are payment options available for self-pay patients. If you are making your appointment, please ask our telephone operators about what services you might be paying for upon your visit. If you are in the office, please ask our front desk staff. However, these will just be estimates and the provider will ultimately decide what exams and tests they would like to conduct which could affect the overall price.

Will my visit be covered by my insurance?

Prior to your visit, we encourage you to call the customer service telephone number located on your medical insurance member-ship card. There are many insurance policies offered by each insurance company. They can best provide co-pay amounts and verify coverage for services according to your specific policy.

How do I schedule an appointment at this office?

Please call our office number, 202-331-9293 to schedule an appointment. If you are an existing patient, you can also make appointments via the patient portal.

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